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Benjamín Shwartz

Mexico City, 1975
Benjamin's interest in music was sparked from the age of 6, when he saw his grandfather –a Lithuanian immigrant – play the violin and started to imitate him. He soon began with violin and piano lessons. In 1994 he studied jazz and blues at the KIT (Keyboard Institute of Technology) at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. Upon returning to Mexico in 1997, he got a degree in Composition and Harmony at the Center for Research and Musical Studies (CIEM) and began to study the viola. In 2001, he became part of the Carlos Chávez Symphony Orchestra as a violist. In 2003 he left the orchestra to begin his own musical project –Klezmerson– as a composer, conductor and producer. Since then Klezmerson has recorded six albums, three of them released by the prestigious Tzadik Records NY label. In 2015 he composed, produced and recorded Amon, an album from the Book of Angels Volume 24 series, and in 2018 Tiferet, from the Masada Book III series, Book of Beriah, both commissioned by the American saxophonist and composer John Zorn.
From 2003 to date, Klezmerson has performed at music festivals and other forums in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Austria, Bosnia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Guatemala.
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